UTG VIDEO PREMIERE: Jonas Sees In Color – “Black Coffee”

North Carolina rock outfit Jonas Sees In Color have partnered with UTG to debut their (fantastic) new video, “Black Coffee.”

Taken from their recently released new album, Give Me Mine, “Black Coffee” is a foot-stomping rock and roll jam that is sure to get a lot of plays during the height of the summer season. Thunderous drums and handclaps lead into a track that all but demands you pull the lucky someone in your life out on the dancefloor and lose all care. The video is something else entirely, and as soon as we saw it we knew we wanted to be the first to share it with the world.

This video was created by singer Ryan Downing, who cut the band members out of approximately 10,000 photos, replaced the backgrounds, linked them all together, and then made it all even weirder. The result is the kind of clip that begs for replays, and considering the catchiness of the song, we highly encourage you to heed that request. You can view the video for “Black Coffee” below.

Give Me Mine is available now on iTunes. If you’re into up and coming rock and roll with a heart of gold, give it a spin as soon as you are able.


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  2. Melissa Jones Corey says:

    Freaking fantastic! Ryan you have out done yourself! I know how much hard work went into this!!!