MUSIC VIDEO: City and Colour – “Thirst”

Our folk love City and Colour has released a music video for “Thirst.” The video resonates with its blurriness, putting a heavy emphasis on minimal shots, red, and a gloomy woman. Watch it at the end of the post.

“Thirst” is off of City and Colour’s new album, The Hurry and the Harm, released last month. The album sees a return to Dallas Green’s signature vocals and folk, sometimes bringing in rhythmic and almost jazzy styles. If you have yet to hear it, make sure you do. As our review can explain, it’s an absorbing journey you want to experience.

Dallas Green has been working hard this year, going above and beyond in just about everything. In addition to the new album and video for “Thirst,” he’s also picked up brewing. As a part of Flying Monkey’s Treble Clef Series, Green was able to create a limited edition imperial maple wheat ale which has City and Colour’s name on it. It’s only available in three locations, all in Canada, making the beer even more special.

Hopefully you’re lucky enough to be sipping on one of Green’s beers when you watch the video below:

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