Lil Wayne Releases “God Bless Amerika” Video

Young Money CEO Lil Wayne has released the official video for his latest single, “God Bless Amerika.”

Hitting the net just a month after filming in the streets of Louisiana, “God Bless Amerika” attempts to paint Weezy as an American icon who speaks for the people. This may be true for the first verse of the track, but like many of Wayne’s recent tracks the song quickly reverts to talk of smoking, fucking bitches, and being richer than anyone can imagine. It may be what some fans want to hear, but it’s beginning to feel a bit tired to us. You can view the official video below.

“God Bless Amerika” is the latest I Am Not A Human Being 2 single to be given the video treatment. If you ask me, there are certainly better songs Wayne could have chosen, but given that this month is our nation’s time to celebrate our independence, this clip will do a fine job of carrying Wayne until his next project drops. Comment below and let us know your thoughts of Weezy’s latest.


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