LYRIC VIDEO: Dance Gavin Dance – “The Robot With Human Hair Pt. 4”

With an insane amount of anticipation surrounding their forthcoming full-length, Acceptance Speech, Dance Gavin Dance have finally released the album’s leading single. Entitled “The Robot with Human Hair pt. 4,” the long-awaited first taste of the band’s sound with ex-Tides of Man vocalist Tilian Pearson and its accompanying lyric video can be found after the jump.

Acceptance Speech is set to hit stores October 8 via Rise Records, but for those who can’t wait to purchase their copy of the record, pre-order bundles are available here.

Mike Giegerich
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5 Responses to “LYRIC VIDEO: Dance Gavin Dance – “The Robot With Human Hair Pt. 4””

  1. Eric Winkelmann says:

    #1 Gotta get used to Tilian being in DGD. #2 Gotta get used to the unclean vocals heavily outweighing the clean vocals.

    I still like it…but I don’t think anyone could match Jonny Craig’s talent…even though Tides of Man was wonderful. It took awhile for DBM2 to grow on me though…this song may get better with repeated listens,

  2. Brian Lion says:

    I personally never liked DGD with JC, not sure why. Just didn’t work for me. I really like this song but I’ve always liked Tilian more than Jonny so I can say that I’m happy to finally tolerate DGD, even though I liked them with Kurt as well.

  3. Kriston McConnell says:

    I am definitely digging this. Tilian was the right choice.

  4. HaulixJames says:

    I am all about this.

  5. Isaak Emery says:

    this is the shittttt!!! Don’t like him quite as much as kurt, but he definitely bring a unique twist to the band’s sound and it’s outstanding, really looking forward to this album