HOLY SH!T: ‘Man Of Steel 2’ Will Be A ‘Superman & Batman’ Movie

The LA Times’ Hero Complex blog is reporting news that is sure to send comic fanboys into a frenzy.

Ahead of today’s Warner Bros. panel at Comic-Con (which is taking place as I write), Hero Complex is reporting that DC Comics will create a ‘Superman and Batman’ movie to follow Man Of Steel. This is not a joke.

According to two sources with knowledge of the movie, Warner Bros. intends to announce the news at its Comic-Con International panel Saturday morning. Said a Warner Bros. spokesperson, “We don’t comment on rumors regarding these properties.”

It has been widely reported that Zack Snyder is expected to reunite with screenwriter David S. Goyer and star Henry Cavill for the new Man Of Steel film, but until this morning no additional details had been released (or even teased). It’s unlikely that Christian Bale would step into the batsuit again, but stranger things have happened (like DC deciding to make a ‘Superman and Batman’ movie, for instance).

DC recently launched a Superman and Batman comic series as part of ‘The New 52.’ Whether or not that title will play a role in the film is also unknown at this time.

As we mentioned above, the Warned Bros. panel is going on at this very moment. As soon as further information becomes available we will update this story. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on this incredible movie announcement.

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4 Responses to “HOLY SH!T: ‘Man Of Steel 2’ Will Be A ‘Superman & Batman’ Movie”

  1. HaulixJames says:


  2. tembii says:

    “The LA Times’ Hero Complex blog is reporting news that is sure to send comic fanboys into a frenzy.”
    …what, like girls won’t be excited too, or that they don’t read comics? “comic fanboys,” really? I guess it shouldn’t really grind my gears but it does

  3. Brian Lion says:

    Fanboys is just a term that applies to all obsessed with the culture. We didn’t create the masculine gender form of the word, sorry.

  4. HaulixJames says:

    As someone who clearly reads comics himself (and the writer of the article), I don’t see how it could be taken as a slight against anyone. That said, sorry to grind your gears. More importantly, BATMAN FIGHTING SUPERMAN.