SINGLE REVIEW: Icona Pop – “All Night”

Artist: Icona Pop
Single: “All Night”
Album: This Is…
Genre: Pop

Following hot on the heels of their smash hit “I Love It,” Icona Pop are hoping to make their flash in the pan success more of a lasting affair with their latest single, “All Night.”

Let’s get one thing straight right off the top: Pop music may not be the deepest form of expression in the arts, but that does not mean writing a catchy song is in any way a simple feat. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize finding that perfect handful of phrases that pairs with whatever music you’ve developed in just the right way that it connects with the largest market of music consumers more than any other set of seemingly mindless phrases being developed simultaneously by countless artists around the globe is about as likely as winning the lottery. Icona Pop proved they could outwit the rest with “I Love It,” and with “All Night” they let us know the best is still to come.

The first single to find its way to airwaves without the assistance of another notable pop starlet, “All Night” is not exactly a sonic departure “I Love It.” If anything, the song is an even more direct dance track, with thumping bass guiding your feet throughout, but it balances that confectionary goodness with lyrics that are (slightly) more than one-liners about loving and not caring. It’s still all about having a good time, but it’s built on a tale of striving for a better life. The Swedish duo have worked their asses off to reach this point, and are now trying to cut loose with an energetic anthem for a night out that lasts until morning. Bass keeps you moving, the hook gets you singing along, and by the time the final refrain kicks in find yourself fully immersed in an Icona Pop’s world of EDM goodness without a care in the world.

The jury is still out on how the millions of pop radio listeners will react to “All Night,” but they would have to be a nation of fools to not realize the gold being delivered from Sweden’s Icona Pop. This duo is ushering in a new wave of club-ready pop bursting with catchy hooks, great production, and a signature harmonized vocal delivery that is unlike anything else on the charts right now. I won’t go as far as to say they’re the future off all things female pop, but I certainly won’t be surprised if their next single is as good, if not better, than this.

This Is…, the debut album from Icona Pop, hits stores September 24.

Review written by: James Shotwell (Follow him on Twitter)

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