DINOBOTS: Mark Wahlberg Adds Fuel To ‘Transformers 4’ Rumor

If gigantic space aliens who transform on a whim into stylish sports cars does not rev your engine for overblown CGI spectaculars, maybe the idea of gigantic space aliens transforming into robot dinosaurs will. No, I am not shitting you. This is a possible future, and so far things seem promising.

Back in May, news site JoBlo claimed to confirm the fourth Transformers movie will feature the fan-favorite Dinobots, otherwise known as characters who change into robotic dinosaurs as opposed to stylish vehicles. No one associated with the production would confirm or deny the rumors, and ever since reporters have been doing their best to nail down the full story.

Speaking with MTV as part of a promotional effort for his new film 2 Guns, Mark Wahlberg was asked whether or not he had encountered any Dinobots while on the set of Transformers 4 (which better be called Trans4mers). “None of your business,” Wahlberg replied before adding, “You don’t want me to get replaced halfway through production for divulging secrets.”

Realizing the direct route was blocked, the reporter then tried to simply ask Wahlberg if he knew what a Dinobot was, and if he would care to explain it to people who were unaware. Mark shot back, “You know what it is. Don’t question my geek. I can out geek you.”

You can view video from the interview below.

As Wahlberg mentioned above, the fourth Transformers film is still in production, but considering the June 27, 2014 release date I wouldn’t be surprised if some form of a teaser surfaced in the next month or so. Follow UTG on Twitter to ensure you never miss an update.

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