Nirvana Reissuing ‘In Utero’ With Absurd Amount Of Bonus Tracks

Definitive grunge band Nirvana are reissuing their final studio album, In Utero, later this year. The box set version of the album will release on September 24, titled the “Super Deluxe Edition,” and will have “70 remastered, remixed, rare, unreleased and live recordings.” While the tracklisting is still unknown, it’s safe to say that there will be plenty of new material spread out across its four compact discs.

The album reissue will also feature a two CD and a three LP version. No word yet on whether this is a cash grab from Courtney Love. Hardcore Nirvana fans will remember drummer Dave Grohl, bassist Krist Novoselic and Courtney Love arguing held up the efforts to release their previous box set, With The Lights Out.

Dan Bogosian
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  1. Michael says:

    Thank You for Keeping Kurt’s Memory Alive Everything you do was bloomed because of Kurt and Nirvana enjoy the Music and Memories. I will keep my friend Rome’s memory alive with my book Cobain Lies – The Fall Of Rome I will also shed light on Kurt’s life his hidden secret about his real family he was adopted thy gave him up so to him it was like why ever mention them but it tore at his soul.
    Kurt I was stupid 27yrs “I was Stupid, Is what I was it was an accident me being Stupid No Murder, No Suicide a cover up yes only because I hated myself and Courtney didn’t want the world to know the real Kurt the Stupid Kurt I F@*ked up…. I wanted to be more of a role model Its hard when growing up and you don’t feel loved music was my escape Thank You World for Loving me I couldn’t Love myself but I didn’t want to DIE it was an accident me being stupid DON’T DO DRUGS, DO LIFE, LOVE YOURSELF that’s where it all starts no matter what back ground you have childhood BE STRONG and BE YOU LOVE THE WORLD <3 YOUTUBE Cobain Lies Much Love and LIGHT @Michaelthyangel @Courtney