Wavves Finally Release ‘Extra-Retarded X-Men’ Comic Book

Comic books and music go together rather well, no? It seems that’s the case as of recently. Two weeks ago The Flaming Lips‘ Wayne Coyne revealed details about a his new comic book, The Sun Is Sick,  and now Wavves are finally releasing their previously teased comic book, Negative Dad. Set down the N64 controller, grab a bag of potato chips, and get ready for some real summer reading.

The first issue is available at Wavves’ website for only 10 cents, just like the good ol’ days. It was co-written with Matt Barajas and is illustrated by Rudolfo. Nick Gazin, who was originally set to illustrate the book, told Pitchfork in a 2011 interview to expect “an extra retarded X-Men” with “heshers, evil parents, cat people, juvenile delinquents with partially functioning mutant powers, aliens, dreams” as a gift “to people who enjoy pot.” Those are real quotes, we promise.

According to the press release, the plot is as follows:

“[The story] follows the fantastic and disturbing journey of two young mutant boys, Daniel and Serjio, uncovering secrets surrounding their family and friends. This journey ultimately will determine the fate of their world and many others. They live in Verlaine City, a city that once was the center of a scientific revolution, but now a disgusting, dying shadow of its former self. When the boys are visited by beings from another realm, its [sic] up to them to discover the truth about their father and his incredible past.”

See the comic book image below and then snag a copy before they’re all sold out. It will definitely be a different read.


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