Korn Debut “Never Never”

UPDATE: A higher quality version of the song has been added thanks to a helpful UTG reader.

It may a bit early for this kind of post, but we figured a little hump day weirdness never hurt anyone and decided to run with it anyway.

If you still have a mental image of Korn as the guys who asked you to Follow The Leader or explore Issues, you may want to run screaming from the following song before it has a chance to forever alter the way you view the band.

A new single from Korn entitled “Never Never” found its way online late last night following a radio premiere, and this morning the highest quality rip available on the net can be streamed right here on UTG. The track is taken from the group’s recently announced new album The Paradigm Shift, and much like 2011’s Path Of Totality finds the band further exploring the possibilities of EDM-laced rock. It sounds a bit too poppy for my taste, but perhaps you will disagree.

The Path To Totality showed that Korn were willing to evolve with trends, but “Never Never” does not leave me wanting more from The Paradigm Shift. I’m trying to reserve judgment until a high quality version becomes available, but so far this does not sound like the band who was once so in touch with the rock universe. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on “Never Never.”

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13 Responses to “Korn Debut “Never Never””

  1. KoRn62586 says:

    i think…i dont know. sometimes what sounds strange and off putting at first is actually good. lets also realize they could have just done something safe sounding (heavy riffs and Davis screaming) but instead they’re trying something different. i look forward to seeing where this album goes.

  2. Matt Covington says:

    What the fuck is this?

  3. Cat Penguin =^.^= says:

    I absolutly hate it. The path of totality was a huge let down, and if this song is anything to go by, so will the paradigm shift. After jonathan’s tweet saying that the paradigm shift will be their heaviest album yet, i’m not so sure

  4. KoRn62586 says:

    i think tPoT is one of their best albums. (just stating my opinion though)

  5. The Death of Music says:

    I think they’ve made it clear this album’s gonna have a mix of metalstep and old school Issues era nu-metal. They have one track featuring Noisia and at the same time have Lullaby For A Sadist which was written for album 10 back when they were only doing the dubstep thing for an EP with the original 10th album being proper nu-metal. So it seems it’s gonna be a very bi-polar album and I don’t think you can judge the entire album on one song in that case.

  6. ReptilianSnake says:

    Really,are you for real?? After 1 song you are disappointed and in your mind, the album already sucks??? Come on, stop crying.

  7. deadgrrrl says:

    Here’s a higher quality version of the song.
    I’m excited to hear the rest of the album :)

  8. utgjames says:

    Thanks! I’ll update the story now.

  9. Acdc1a says:

    Rubbish! Oildale 2.0


    I’ll Never Love Again!

  10. PePo Hólico says:

    Calm down a little guys. Maybe this song is not what everyone expected but I think by this article that the whole album would not sound like that, check it
    Come on, they’re KoRn! Let’s give them this chance, at the end they will surprise us.

  11. Muna Kaumba says:

    You can’t judge an album on 1 track but I’m a bit disappointed Head’s comeback track is this, very average to say the least.

  12. Ryan Matthew Steele says:

    He always says that shit about any of their upcoming albums.

  13. Amy Keltic says:

    Sounds fckn great to me man! I’m psyched to hear the entire lp in October, too. Not to mention see Head tour with them again.