G-Eazy Releases “Been On”

G-Eazy may have spent the entire summer sharing stages with Lil Wayne and T.I., but that has not stopped the California native from working on new material. This morning a single called “Been On” found its way online, and believe me when I say it’s destined to be a hit with urban fans in no time.

Hitting the net shortly after 11AM (EST), “Been On” is the first song to surface from G-Eazy since “I Don’t Believe” arrived back in June. The song arrived online complete with a a Soundcloud stream and official music video, the latter of which is featured below. G-Eazy has been creating new classics for the last few years and “Been On” is no different. The song leans towards a more mainstream sound than what we found on 2012’s Must Be Nice, but is still bursting with Eazy’s signature style. If you weren’t already chomping at the bit for a new album, be prepared to go absolutely apeshit when you hear the following track.

Directed by Bobby Bruderle, the video for “Been On” features G-Eazy in a classic pose while lighting a blunt in super slow motion. Inspired by still photography, the video attempts to create a series of fluid images that also function as still photos.

Speaking on the song, G-Eazy offered “”My homie Christoph produced the beat on the bus during this Wayne tour and one of my best friends Bobby Bruderle directed the video on an off-day in Chicago. Bobby’s got the iconic / black & white / timeless / classic photo game on lock and he happens to be one of the illest photographers ever, so it was a dope project to work on.”

We’re hoping G-Eazy has a new album and tour planned for the fall, but right now we have no additional information to offer. Follow UTG on Twitter and we’ll be sure to update you the minute new information becomes available.

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