REVIEW: ESQUILLE – ‘Rock This Club Down’

Album: Rock This Club Down EP
Genre: House, Club, Dance

Sweden’s popular EDM producer, ESQUILLE, has one mission in mind with his new EP, and the effort’s title says it all. Even at a brief 15 minutes shared between just 5 new tracks, Rock This Club Down is packed to the brim with enough well-produced heavy bass and catchy rhythms to make you lose a few pounds from dancing your ass off.

I should admit here and now that I’m not entirely an EDM connoisseur. I’ve dabbled in dubstep, trap, trip-hop, house, et cetera, but I wouldn’t consider myself an expert in the genre (or various sub-genres) by any means. This doesn’t necessarily dictate any rule that one can’t enjoy a creation for its purposes, though. As I stated before, assuming that ESQUILLE set out to compile five hard-hitting and enjoyable club tracks for you to lose your shit to on the dance floor, his vision and goal were certainly accomplished.

Opening with the title track and what’s sure to be a hit for the scene, the EP gets right down to business with an upbeat buzzsaw-based beat and a vocal sample that repeats the song (and album’s) title throughout the cut. Never letting up with its danceability (did I just make that up?), the EP’s opener melds elements of house and bits of dubstep that join to create the best track of the five offered.

One big drawback throughout Rock This Club Down is the extraneous/insistent vocal samples. Each track’s title is blurted our several times throughout the entirety of itself which can become almost obnoxious and distracting from an otherwise fun and enjoyable contribution. My aforementioned confession regarding my lack of knowledge in EDM and my absence from any real club activity warrants the fact that I’m not certain if this is a common trend in the genre or if it could be potentially annoying to those with far more knowledge and experience than myself also.

Apart from hearing generic sample phrases like “Rock this club down!” and “Don’t stop the rhythm!” more times in 15 minutes than I care to count, ESQUILLE’s newest offering, although far from original, is a lot of fun and I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t take at least two breaks from writing this review to get up and shake my ass a little bit. From the minor amount of club experience I do have, I can tell you that after a drink or three, in the hot, hot, heat of the moment amongst a sea of sweaty people getting down, vocal samples would be the furthest thing from my mind if any one of these five tracks came blaring through the sound system.

Now, excuse me while I get my DDR mat out.

SCORE: 7.5/10
Review written by: Brian Lion – Follow him on Twitter


Rock This Club Down will be available on September 15 but you can preview the entire EP below.

Brian Leak
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2 Responses to “REVIEW: ESQUILLE – ‘Rock This Club Down’”

  1. HomeCity Real Estate says:

    Hmm, not a huge fan of the previewed track… but I imagine if I heard it in passing at a festie that it would be something I’d gravitate to. Something that sounds better live perhaps!

  2. Brian Lion says:

    That could certainly be the case.