The Fall Of Troy Reuniting For Three Shows In Texas, Playing First Three Albums In Full

Most reunions that have happened have come on the tenth anniversary of a band’s biggest album. The Fall of Troy will reunite this December to perform their first three albums in full with the original lineup; other sites are incorrectly reporting they will perform their entire discography, but this is not the case, as the band has four studio albums: The Fall Of Troy, Doppelgänger, Manipulator, and In The Unlikely Event (this also ignores two studio EPs, Ghostship and Phantom on the Horizon).

The band posted the following message on Facebook:

Well well well… How is everyone? We know it has been quite some time since you’ve heard from us… But we agree it’s about time we get together and play some of these songs that mean the world to us, and invite anyone who wants to come.

We will be performing at Red 7 in Austin, TX on Decrmber 27th, 28th, and 29th.

To whom it may concern:

The line-up will be as follows.

(December 27th – “Self-Titled” performed in it’s entirety)
(December 28th – “Doppelgänger” performed in it’s entirety)
(December 29th – “Manipulator” performed in iTMS entirety)

V.I.P. packages available through Red 7 in Austin, TX on Dec. 25 (limited!)

We love you all, we really hope that you come out and celebrate what should be 3 very special nights.


Tim, Thomas, and Andrew

Hopefully, if these shows succeed, the band will stay together. Chiodos, who Thomas Erak now plays guitar for, is great and all, but c’mon. The Fall Of Troy were way better.

Dan Bogosian
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