Iwrestledabearonce Release “Letters To Stallone” Video

After touring the world for the better part of the last half decade, the members of Iwrestledabearonce have seen and done things most of us cannot begin to imagine. They’re one of the wildest bands to grace the scene in years, and today we get an inside look at their hijinks abroad thanks to a new music video.

Pieced together from footage shot on stage and behind-the-scenes of their recent world tour activities, Iwrestledabearonce have released a video for their latest Late For Nothing single, “Letters To Stallone.” The video does a fine job of blending the live clips with backstage antics, but it’s hard to imagine anyone unfamiliar with the band being blown away by all that is seen. It’s IWABO being IWABO and nothing more.

Late For Nothing is without a doubt one of our favorite heavy releases of 2013. If you dig “Letters To Stallone” we highly suggest picking up the full album wherever metal is sold.

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