NERD ALERT: ‘Zero Charisma’ Trailer

There aren’t very many movies out there that capture what it’s really like to be a hardcore nerd. Mainstream media has portrayed nerds/geeks as slightly awkward, usually adorable, and sometimes sexy in movies and TV shows. The director for Zero Charisma is taking a different approach though, and has decided to portray the life of the socially awkward geek by the name of Scott in a way that people have generally considered geeks to be for decades.

The movie follows Scott and his friends through their lives and through their role playing game. When they bring someone new into their group, things take a turn for the worst quickly as Scott feels his authority is threatened by their newest player. You can check out the trailer by taking a look below the jump.

The movie will be released on iTunes October 8, and will be in theaters October 11.

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