Josh Homme Of Queens Of The Stone Age Says Jay Z Is “Rude,” “A Kook”

Josh Homme, front man (and pretty much the only consistent man) of Queens of the Stone Age, recently lead the group to their playing at Jay Z’s Made in America Festival, and some things that happened there have caused him to air some odd beef with Jay Z. Queens of the Stone Age were frisked at the festival, which apparently isn’t common place at every major festival, and so Homme found that rude. Jay Z gave the band a bottle of his champagne and asked them to pose for a photograph with it, and Homme found that rude and kooky.

Overall, it seems like the plainly overopinionated and over-reacting Josh Homme is being over-opinionated and over-reacting here, but we’re sure that there’s also some justice in his comments. After all, Homme accuses Jay Z’s champagne move as being nothing more than a marketing tool, and that’s probably accurate.

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[Jay Z]’s a kook, you know. He has security frisking bands on the way in. I just told him, ‘If you open up my bag, we’re not playing. So I guess it’s up to you to have to decide whether we’re playing or not.’… You shouldn’t frisk my guys, you should fuck off.

(On the champagne gift) “I was like, ‘That’s not a gift– that’s a marketing tool.’ I destroyed it, ’cause I thought it was rude overall.

The comments come at the 1:56:00 and 2:16:00 marks of the following video:

Dan Bogosian
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