FREE MP3: Hippie Sabotage – “Stay High” (Tove Lo Flip)

I think everyone loves a good remix, but there is something to be said for a remix to a song you’ve never heard that has the power to knock you off your feet. Those rare tracks are true production masterpieces, and recently the group known as Hippie Sabotage delivered one such track when they flipped Tove Lo’s haunting indie-pop anthem “Habits.”

Writing about the world of remixes is still a bit new to me, but at the risk of sounding as vague as possible there is simply something to Hippie Sabotage’s “Stay High” that syncs up with your very being. It’s not an accompaniment to what you’re doing, it’s the soundtrack to existence your somewhat melancholy heart has been unknowingly seeking since the last time it was broken. The original song of longing has been turned into a synth-heavy dream that brings to mind images of smoke and silhouettes backed by pulsating neon lights while still keeping the sense of sadness at core of the track firmly in tact. You can stream and download the song below.

When most think of remixes they picture songs crafted to enhance a night of dancing and party life, but “Stay High” seems intended for those looking to relax on their own at the end of another lonely night. To target that demographic of people with this genre of music and succeed is a rare feat, but this remix is by far one of the best I’ve heard all year.

Tove Lo was recently featured in our new column, White Girl Dance Corner. If you’re looking to learn about the angelic voice at the center of this remix, click here to experience the original cut of “Habits” (complete with music video).

Hippie Sabotage have yet to announce their next project, but it should go without saying we’ll be following the activity closely in the months ahead. Keep an eye out for more free music and comment below to let us know your thoughts on “Stay High.”

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