M83 Previews ‘You and the Night’ Soundtrack With “Ali & Matthias”

“This score is really for lovers and ghosts,” reads M83’s Facebook page.

“Ali & Matthias” certainly supports that assertion. The lilting tune is full of magic and whimsy, all pretty, nostalgic harmonies that will cause any heart to swell.

It’s also very unmistakably a cut from a soundtrack. One can feel the camera zooming along through a sunny sky and slowly coming to rest upon the film’s subjects, or possibly panning along a collage of pictures that will become more and more relevant as the film progresses.

The film that M83 will be soundtracking – the second one this year, following the Tom Cruise-starring Oblivion – is You and the Night. The film was directed by Yann Gonzalez, brother to M83’s Anthony Gonzalez.

All that information is intriguing enough to garner interest, but it’s the films plot description that will really raise eyebrows. Courtesy of IMDB:

Around midnight, a young couple and their transvestite maid prepare for an orgy. Their guests will be The Slut, The Star, The Stud and The Teen.

Now that combination of music and movie should be fascinating.

Tyler Hanan
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