David O. Russell Wrote A Horror Film, And Eli Roth May Pick It Up

As relayed by Bloody-Disgusting, David O. Russell revealed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that he had written a horror script for Colleen Camp a few years ago. That in itself is no surprise; Russell isn’t a director who’s been tied to any one genre in his career, and the horror genre is a fascinating one for many reasons. The intriguing part is that this script was picked up by Eli Roth, whose biggest contribution to film to is torture porn grotesquerie.

Yes, the man who gave us Hostel and Cabin Fever could very well bring us a film from the Oscar-nominated director of Silver Linings PlaybookI Heart Huckabees, and The Fighter. According to Cinema Blend, Russell revealed that he wrote the script between writing I Heart Huckabees and The Fighter. It remains unclear what Roth’s specific role will be, producer or director or both, but the very fact that that sentence is now a thing is a bit mind-boggling. Should Roth take to the director’s chair, it will be interesting to see just how much of Russell’s voice comes through in the final product. It’s quite possible that it won’t at all, given how drenched in gore and viscera it’s apt to be.

In the meantime, both director/producers have projects coming down the chute long before this collaboration will. Russell’s star-studded Oscar buzz magnet American Hustle will be coming to theaters on December 18. Roth has The Green Inferno rolling out. It’s the first feature film he’s directed since 2007’s Hostel Part II (he’s been doing a lot of producing in the interim, and he directed the first episode of Netflix series Hemlock Grove), and it has garnered headlines saying things like “Eli Roth’s Most Violent Film To Date.” That’s quite the impressive feat, if true. It has also already generated a sequel, and… hold on, Sky Ferreira is in this movie? Fascinating. The Sacrament, Roth’s collaboration with Ti West – a rising star with a very un-Rothlike appreciation of the slow(est) burn – is also set for a 2014 release.

Tyler Hanan
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