Channing Tatum Parodies Van Damme’s Epic Split Commercial on the ’22 Jump Street’ Set

If you have spent any time procrastinating online in the last week you’ve probably stumbled across the new ad from Volvo Trucks featuring John Claude Van Damme’s ‘most epic of splits.’ As cool as it is to see the aging action star do the splits between two moving trucks to Enya, it’s also one of the silliest things to happen this year (if not ever). Channing Tatum seems to agree, and recently he used some free time on the set of 22 Jump Street to film his own epic split commercial.

Structured the same way Van Damme’s commercial is built, Channing Tatum’s take on epic splits offers a first look at the movie star’s return to the role of Jenko. It’s short and hilarious, with a nice little tag at the end for added laughs. You can view the clip below.

There isn’t much to say about 22 Jump Street just yet, but we do know the film will reunite Tatum with co-star Jonah Hill and that the plot will revolve around the two undercover officers posing as college freshman. Expect a trailer in the months ahead.

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