Papa Roach Frontman Calls Early Work “Embarrassing,” Apparently Has Not Heard Recent Releases

Calm down, Roaches (that’s what I think/hope/pray Papa Roach fans call themselves). The headline is just a little joke. We all know “Scars” got you through that tough time in high school. Calm down.

Jacoby Shaddix, Mr. Dick if you’re nasty, is not someone we featured on the site all that often, but if UTG had come into existence closer to the Y2K craze I’m sure they would have been staples in our feed. Their debut full length, Infest, featured a number of hits that still play well to this day, and the follow-up wasn’t half bad. Before they hit it big however, Jacoby and his bandmates put out a number of EPs, including one titled Potatoes For Christmas, that the frontman apparently now finds somewhat embarrassing.

During a recent interview by Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch as part of the latter’s HeAd’s KoRner column in Loudwire, Shaddix opened up about his feelings toward the early days of Papa Roach. You can read an excerpt from the discussion below:

[Head]: Me and Fieldy and Munk had these cheesy bands we were in years before forming Korn; were you in cheesy bands?

[Jacoby] Papa Roach is my first band.

[Head] What?! That ain’t right!

[Jacoby] Haha, I’m gonna trip you out though because our first releases were embarrassing, you know if we go back and listen to the first P-Roach recordings, we sound like a cross between Mr. Bungle, Red Hot Chili Peppers and metal, haha. You know, that whole ’90s scene that was funky and freaky — I even wore panty hose on my head.

[Head] Haha, I gotta hear that stuff.

[Jacoby] Yeah, my embarrassing moments were in Papa Roach.”

You can revisit a Papa Roach classic at the end of this post. The band has been touring heavily in 2013, but as far as we know have yet to announce plans to release any new material. Their most recent release, The Connection, hit stores in 2012.

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