UTG PHOTOS: Superheroes Anonymous Tour (12/14/13)

Under The Gun photographer, Corbin Alvae, attended the Superheroes Anonymous tour at The Crofoot in Pontiac, MI.

Well, here we are again! I decided to go back and do yet another Electronic Dance Music event that came through Michigan. What a day and night this was! I have a few stories to share with you all before I get into how the tour was.

First off, to anyone that lives in the Midwest states, you probably got hit with a giant snow storm. Well, Michigan got hit pretty hard, which led me to wondering: should I drive in this? My answer was: HELL YEAH! ‘Cause I definitely didn’t want to miss this tour. Typically the amount of time for me to get to The Crofoot usually takes about 25 minutes, without traffic. This time around it took me roughly two hours to get to the venue, just in time when doors were opening. But I was happy to get out of my car, ’cause Michigan drivers are scary in the winter time.

Besides all that, this isn’t about how shitty the weather is, it’s about how fabulous this tour was, jam-packed with four super talented and energy-filled artists. Opening artist, Hunter Siegel, did what was expected and got the venue hyped up and prepared for the rest of the tour to come. Young EDM artist, DallasK, took the stage right after Hunter and continued the streak of just melting faces and getting the Pontiac crowd dancing, and let me just tell you, this kid goes hard! Definitely impressed me. Canadian brothers Alex and Chris, also known as EDM group, DVBBS, tore up the stage next and didn’t stop. From start to finish, these two brought the party and holy hell did they bring the bass! Everything was shaking. Finally, we had our headliner of the night, Adventure Club, take the stage. They lit this venue up and just smoked it out with fog. Lasers, strobes, everything was going nuts, as this group dropped their tracks hard and they definitely knew that they did, since literally the whole venue crowd was moving.

Now, another story, so I go out to my car, cause I had to head out to get somewhere before it snowed again — I noticed something really odd about the parking, cause usually I can get out right away. Well, this time wasn’t the case, as some jackass decided to block me in by creating his own row of parking in the driving path. Sweet right? So I was stuck in the parking lot till the show ended, which I’m glad I went back in, cause I got to witness some pretty funny situations.

Overall, the Superheroes Anonymous Tour was packed with lots of fun, lots of lights, and lots of energy. If you ever get the chance to see any of these artists, DO IT. You will not regret it one bit. Driving two hours in the freezing, snowy weather was well worth it and everyone did a phenomenal job to give me a solid night full of memories.

Until next time, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!















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Corbin Alvae
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