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You don’t drink, you don’t smoke…what do you do? You become an hilarious comedian releasing his debut album through Rooftop Comedy. In this week’s Stand Up Tuesdays, we take a look at comedian Tabari McCoy’s newly released CD, “Laughing with a Panther”, which was recorded on October 16 at Go Bananas in Cincinnati, Ohio.

McCoy offers some tough love for his audience in his debut effort, pointing out the futility (and unattractiveness) of women wearing Ugg boots year-round and how nobody really wants to listen to what a stoner has to say. Refreshingly, McCoy does so as gently as possible, never coming off as someone who thinks he’s better than others. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the advice he gives is right on point.

While many comics will bemoan their single life and be quick to find laughs in self-deprecation, McCoy has an altogether positive outlook on his worth in the dating market, finishing his set on an incredibly strong note by pointing out that the man most women truly want is most likely gay. I challenge my single lady friends to listen to McCoy and not immediately start revising their description of their dream date to something far more realistic.

In a recent interview with Rooftop Comedy, McCoy cites that he ended up inadvertently leaving some material out of the album – something that definitely comes across while listening to “Laughing with a Panther”. One has the feeling, once McCoy closes his set, that the comedian could have gone on for another fifteen or twenty minutes – which is sort of what a good comedian should do (leave the audience wanting more). There are a couple of moments in which McCoy finishes jokes with very similar tags – and while they still work well, I can’t help but wonder how a slight tweak may work to make each bit a little more unique.

I really enjoyed listening to Tabari McCoy’s debut album, “Laughing with a Panther”, whose name is a tribute to L.L. Cool J, of whom McCoy has been a longtime fan (and is able to impersonate spot-on). McCoy is a guy who has his act together, which is rare in comedy – he owns a home, has a good credit score, holds two degrees, and doesn’t drink or smoke. One can’t help but wonder just how he ended up in stand-up – but I’m sure glad he did.

Download a copy of Tabari McCoy’s “Laughing with a Panther” today at Rooftop Comedy and get to know a comedian who you’re sure to see more of.

Grade: B+

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