Hopes Are The Future Of Czech Hardcore

There is nothing I love more than waking up to find a great song or video waiting in my inbox from a band I was yet to discover. Maybe it’s just me, but I have always found that experiencing good art (music/literature/etc) early in the day motivates me to do more with the hours ahead. My mind is still curious in the morning. I’m not weighed down by the stresses of the day or distracted by work I have waiting. In the morning I am just trying to put myself into motion, and for whatever reason good art makes me not only want to create myself, but to create something better than anything that came before.

This week, the band to both surprise and inspire is Hopes. They hail from the Czech Republic, and just after the new year they released the official music video for a ferocious hardcore offering titled “I Don’t Give A Fuck.” It’s a riff-driven, pit-inducing swirl of all things heavy that would fit perfectly in a playlist with The Ghost Inside and Comeback Kid. You can view the video for “I Don’t Give A Fuck” below.

I know there is a simplicity to the lyricism, and the video pretty much exists to confirm the lack of fucks given by the band, but there is something about “I Don’t Give A Fuck” that I cannot walk away from. Though I don’t always watch the video, the song has probably been heard throughout the office at least a dozen times this week, and that doesn’t even include times I have spent screaming along while stuck in the life-sucking hell that is any amount of traffic during winter in New England. It unlocks the side of the listener that society compels us to reserve for rare occasions and encourages you to embrace the wild.

When I hear “I Don’t Give A Fuck” I want to make radical life decisions. When it plays I don’t consider the lack of fucks given to imply life itself, but as a message to do what you want with your own existence. Stop working in a sea of cubicles every day and pursue that passion project that fills your daydreams. Run out and buy a ring for that special someone who has been with you through thick and thin, even when it was probably better for them to leave. Sell your shit and move across the country. Start a band. Write a novel. Whatever it is you want to do, “I Don’t Give A Fuck” can help you get there.

Hopes’ debut EP, Dying Youth, is currently available online. A cassette pressing of the album is currently available for preorder through Beyond Hope Records. We have reached out to the band for more information on future release (including vinyl plans) and will update you once we hear back.

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