FREE MP3: Trinidad James – “Def Jam”

The last time Trinidad James delivered new music we were in the final weeks of summer. At the time, we expected his Def Jam label debut to be announced in the fall, but that day never came to pass. In fact, it turns out the execs at Trindad’s label have shelved his debut album for the foreseeable future. That’s not the point of this story however, the point of this post is because the new music drought has officially come to an end.

Last night, a new track from Trinidad James began making the rounds online. The song is titled “Def Jam,” and as you can probably gather the lyrics focus on James’ relationship with his label. He talks about how some may hate on him for being too real at times, but it’s the fact he’s not afraid to be himself that got him a deal. You can stream and download “Def Jam,” for free, below.

James has kept quiet about the numerous delays his debut album has faced, but it seems pretty clear his patience is beginning to wear thin. We’ll update you on the record’s potential release whenever more information becomes available.

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2 Responses to “FREE MP3: Trinidad James – “Def Jam””

  1. LordFergenstein says:

    This nigga is done. Shelve his ass and keep it movin

  2. mah519 says:

    get someone else on this beat. this shit is immersive but Trinidad James over-polished Lil B technique is done.