ALBUM STREAM: Praise – Lights Went Out

It’s a beautiful day here on the East Coast, and it’s now even nicer since Baltimore hardcore punks Praise released their new record, Lights Went Out, today. Available to stream via their Bandcamp, the record was released by React! Records. Lights Went Out would sit comfortably beside all of your favorite ’80s Dischord Records releases, taking influences from Dag Nasty and other classic hardcore punk groups.

You can pick up the record here on React! Records’ website. Additionally, Praise announced their release show for Lights Went Out, which will be at the Charm City Art Space in Baltimore on May 23, with Title Fight, Mindset, Life of Reilly, Nuclear Age, and Mindglow. Details for that are here.

You can stream the record after the break, but let us know what you think of it in the comments.

Tyler Osborne
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