EP Stream: I Can See Mountains – ‘Gone Beachy’

If you are scratching your head right now because you thought I Can See Mountains called it quits at the end of 2013 you are not alone. The band, who released two albums prior to their initial leave of absence, have been almost entirely silent since announcing plans to disband at the end of last year. This afternoon however, a follower of UTG pointed us to a brand new EP from the group that seems to signal the return of Buffalo, NY’s finest musical export.

Gone Beachy arrived online today through I Can See Mountains’ official Bandcamp. The three-song release features the first new material to be released from the band since Life On A Houseboat in June 2013. You may be able to guess this from the title, but the sound of the EP is very fitting for the summer months and should fit in nicely between Best Coast tracks on your next road trip playlist. You can stream the album below:

We would love to offer a download of this album, but right now the band is asking fans to pay $3 (or a buck per song) if they want to add Gone Beachy to their personal collection. We have spun the album a number of times already today and can tell you first hand it’s worth the investment. It’s unclear what I Can See Mountains have planned for the future, but you can rest assured UTG will bring you all the information we can on the band’s next moves as soon as additional details begin to surface.

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One Response to “EP Stream: I Can See Mountains – ‘Gone Beachy’”

  1. K. Bennett says:

    Maybe I am just odd… I HATE EPs! Especially when it is a band I love as much as these guys. It is enough awesome to make me sad I don’t have more.