Misery Signals Announce Malice X Tour With Original Lineup

As a lifelong Wisconsinite and longtime lover of music, there will always be a special place in my heart for Misery Signals’ 2004 debut, Of Malice and the Magnum Heart. I was first introduced to the album my freshman year of high school, and even now, I still remember my excitement the first time I heard the opening whir of “A Victim, A Target.” It was unlike anything I had ever encountered before, every bit as technical as it was beautiful, and though I was just beginning to dip my toes into “heavy music,” something about Jesse Zaraska’s relentlessly straightforward delivery stuck with me for years to come.

That being said, you can imagine the panic attack I’ve had to endure since Misery Signals announced roughly an hour ago that they will soon be hitting the road with their original lineup to perform the album in full. Titled “Malice X” in honor of the record’s tenth birthday, you can check out a teaser for the tour by peeking below the jump.

The outfit has yet to reveal a full itinerary, but we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop as more details arise. In the meantime, comment below and let us know if you plan on attending what is sure to be one of the most kick-ass tours of the year.

Kyle Florence
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