Must See: Watch Lzzy Hale Help Eric Church Bring Rock And Roll To The CMT Awards

We don’t cover the world of country music all that often, but when we heard that Lzzy Hale of Halestorm made an appearance alongside Eric Church on last night’s CMT Awards we knew right away a post needed to be made.

You might not know Eric Church, but he’s been called everything from the guy who is bringing rock back to country, to ‘country’s bad boy,’ and everything in between. Last night he brought Hale along to perform a track titled “That’s Damn Rock And Roll” and it did not take long for Hale to steal the show. You can view their performance below:

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Nicole Kidman is shown only moments before Hale begins, and I truly wish the camera had lingered long enough to see her reaction to Lzzy’s signature howl.

Eric Church released his latest album, The Outsiders, earlier this year. I know not everyone who reads UTG is open to the idea that country can be a fun genre, but if you enjoy this performance I want to urge you to stream or buy The Outsiders when time allows. It’s a great collection of material that offers a new take on so-called ‘modern country’ in a way that has massive crossover potential.

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  1. speeck freely says:

    i have seen halestorm from the start when she was 13 and arejay was 10 and dada was the bass player. i still have stickers from that time and the band photo of Liz and R-Jay .R-Jay when he signed it listed some KIX songs then said this is not my set. they opened for Funny Money not only that night but many nights liz just said i love ye . some other night they was at the T.I. in Hellam Liz was in this hot wedding gown and handing out rose’s i still had the rose she handed to me ,it just deteriorated last month. also that night Steve Whiteman said to Liz that night honey there is nothing more i can teach you.(he was her vocal teacher and front man for KIX.