Saosin Working On “New Tunes” With Anthony Green

Earlier in the day, the internet was set abuzz with the news that Saosin may potentially be writing new music with former vocalist Anthony Green, who until recently dedicated his time to his solo work and more prominent venture, Circa Survive. The rumor itself stemmed from a status update posted to the outfit’s official Facebook page, which referenced the group’s upcoming weekend run, which began tonight in Anaheim, CA. You can view said status here.

Now, as exciting as this news may appear, it is also important to make note of its ambiguity. While it opens by announcing Green’s arrival and expressly mentions the group is working on “new tunes,” it is unclear if these works will be new to the band’s live show (they’ve already been playing a couple), or their catalogue.

Understandably, all eyes will be on Saosin in the days ahead, ours included. Follow us on Twitter for updates, and let us know your theories in the replies below.

Kyle Florence
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