‘Alive Inside’ Trailer: Music Can Do Things That Modern Medicine Cannot

Every year a slew of new music-related documentaries are released, and every year we try our hardest to feature as many of them as we are able. I know I’m a few days behind running this trailer, but if you haven’t seen it yet then it’s still new to you, right? Right.

Alive Inside is Michael Rossato-Bennet’s debut feature, and though it has yet to be released domestically it has already received many awards and accolades for its high quality production. The film brings into focus the harsh fact that as we age, most (if not all of us) will begin to lose touch with memories and pieces of our youth will all essentially be erased from our minds. Modern medicine is working to help preserve memory, of course, but no miracle cure has been found at this point. What has been discovered, however, is that music has the ability to unlock parts of our memory and call to mind feelings/emotions connected with the past that may have otherwise been lost to the annals of time. There are no definite answers or hard-hitting evidence on display, but instead the film focuses on several people whose lives and/or quality of life is improved by music. You will feel many feelings. Click below to view the film’s first trailer:

This looks like the kind of documentary I love. Not only does it force audiences to face a hard truth, but it offers hope and beauty around a topic that many people would do anything to avoid. It also looks like it will make me cry.

Alive Inside is set for release July 18. Check VOD and local listings to know when it will be available in your area.

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