Defeater Stream Electric Version Of “I Don’t Mind”

The sweetest song the alternative rock scene has heard in close to a decade has been given new life thanks to a recently released alternate recording.

Defeater have built a reputation for thought-provoking hardcore, but when you strip away the heaviness there is a very tender heart at the core of everything they do that keeps people coming back for more. Every so often, the band creates a ballad that brings this softer side into the spotlight, and fans usually lose their minds not long after. Need proof? Ask anyone who has been to Warped Tour in the last five years what they think of the following song and see how they react:

“I Don’t Mind” originally appeared on the album Endless Day and Sleepless Nights, but you more than likely know it as the song that played during the wedding you attended last weekend. It’s the kind of track the sits next to “I Will Follow You Into The Dark” on your kinda-sorta emo love song playlist, and today an electric version of the song came online thanks to a new EP from frontman Derek Archambault. If you’ll recall, Defeater had to drop off a tour with The Wonder Years in early 2014 so Archambault could undergo surgery. He’s since started a pledge drive to help pay for the procedure, and one of the things he’s offering fans in exchange for their help is a new EP of previously unreleased material, which just so happens to include this alternate cut of “I Don’t Mind.” You can stream the track below:

Derek is still seeking donations to help with his expenses. If you feel like contributing, click here for more information.

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One Response to “Defeater Stream Electric Version Of “I Don’t Mind””

  1. XBlueCollarHardcoreX says:

    I danced with my wife to this song as our first dance at our wedding back in October 2012. I’m stoked to hear another version.