Coolio Plans To Spend Rest Of Life In PornHub Paradise

Coolio ruled the music branch of television in the ’90s with his legendary video for “Gangster’s Paradise,” but the rapper is now taking his talents to what would be everyone’s most visited page if they weren’t browsing in private mode. In a deal that will likely go down in the history books, the esteemed provider of helping cure certain worldly needs, PornHub, will be releasing all of Coolio’s future music through their website alongside critically acclaimed outputs such as LEGAL BRUNETTE TEEN and BUSTY MOM NEXT DOOR.

The deal was made in exchange for Coolio’s ability to use the website’s prime talent for his upcoming music video, “Take it to the Hub,” so look forward to seeing his face in all its 50-year-old glory while totally not browsing PornHub in the near future.

Mike Giegerich
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3 Responses to “Coolio Plans To Spend Rest Of Life In PornHub Paradise”

  1. Derek - UTG Review says:

    Can I quote you on those film titles?

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