‘Tusk’ Trailer: Kevin Smith Delivers His Most Disturbing Film To Date

Kevin Smith has become known in the world of geekdom as someone with a profound love for storytelling and creativity, regardless of the subject matter. His latest, Tusk, finds the man who gave the world Clerks offering up one of the darkest and most unique stories to hit the silver screen in quite some time.

Last night, Smith stood in front of a packed Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con International for his annual Q&A session when the man responsible for Jay and Silent Bob surprised those in attendance with the very first trailer for Tusk. The film, which stars Justin Long and Michael Parks, tells the story of a podcast host who travels to Canada in order to interview an aging man who claims to have incredible stories he wishes to share before death. Once he arrives, however, the podcast host realizes he’s been tricked into taking part in something much, much darker than any nightmare he may have previously imagined. You can view the trailer below:

Tusk was born out of a podcast conversation Smith had with longtime friend and producer Scott Mosier several years back. The same conversation can now be streamed, in full, on the official Tusk website.

Smith has set a September 19 release for Tusk, but at this point it’s unclear whether or not that means a strictly theatrical release or if Smith will once again use same day VOD to bolster attention for his new project. Either way, we’re in. Comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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