‘Godzilla 2’ Confirmed, New Monsters Revealed

…And the San Diego Comic-Con International news continues.

Saturday is known as movie day for many Comic-Con International attendees, and during the Legendary Pictures panel this morning fans of all things monsters received the surprise of a lifetime when studio head Thomas Tull confirmed plans for Godzilla 2. Even better, filmmaker Gareth Edwards is confirmed to return as director. I can sense the enormous sense of scale growing by the minute.

After the initial gasps of excitement began to die down, Tull took things one step further by sharing footage with the crowd he claimed was classified footage from Monarch “to show what we are thinking about for the sequel.” The images on screen showcased a compilation of destruction footage, with a voice over from John F Kennedy explaining how there are still some secrets that remain hidden. The video then revealed three Godzilla universe monsters: the giant pteranodon kaiju Rodan, the giant divine moth kaiju Mothra and the three-headed dragon kaiju Ghidorah.

Tull would not confirm or deny that all three monsters would appear in the upcoming film, but repeated that those are the Kaiju that Legendary are interested in exploring in a Godzilla sequel.

I don’t know about you, but my fingers are crossed that we get to see Mothra on the big screen once more.

Godzilla 2 does not have a release date at this point, but production will not begin until Gareth Edwards finishes his Star Wars film. I’m going to guess a 2017 release at the earliest, but you never know what Legendary has planned.

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2 Responses to “‘Godzilla 2’ Confirmed, New Monsters Revealed”

  1. Brian Lion says:

    I hope they skip on Mothra for now. I don’t really want to see two Godzillas in a row with similar flying monsters. Rodan and Ghidorah fly as well obviously but they aren’t insect-like. I was kind of hoping they’d get creative and invent their own new monsters once again as the series continued to do for so long and they did themselves with the MUTOs.

    Regardless, definitely looking forward to this.

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