Ex-Woe, Is Me Vocalist Starts New Band, Premieres Lead Single

Though the members tried to make things work, it didn’t take long for their band Woe, Is Me to die a slow, painful death. Many of the members went their separate ways, and now former vocalist Hance Alligood has teamed up with Alternative Press to announce his new project. His new band, named Favorite Weapon, is a five piece alternative rock outfit. Despite the fact that they are using Woe, Is Me’s old Facebook page (as well as their ~800,000 fans), they definitely have a totally different sound. In fact, Hance is the only member of the band who was ever even in WIM.

If you’re interested in checking them out for yourself, the group has also premiered their debut single “Hollow.” You can stream it below. The band will be releasing their debut studio album Sixty Saragossa via Rise Records October 18. Pre-orders are already available for purchase through MerchNow.

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One Response to “Ex-Woe, Is Me Vocalist Starts New Band, Premieres Lead Single”

  1. James Clark says:

    He said how new bands shouldn’t skip the local scene, rush things, etc. But with this, this is exactly what he’s doing. He’s using the page of his old band which had 800,000 likes, so he’s being a huge hypocrite and skipping the local scene just to be big quick.