Slipknot Release “The Negative One” Music Video

Just days after dominating rock headlines with their first single in years, Slipknot have returned to the front page of UTG to release their official video for “The Negative One.”

Earlier today, the first music video connected to Slipknot’s highly-anticipated new album found its way online. The clip features imagery similar to the creepy sequences showcased in the viral promotional videos released by Slipknot in recent weeks. There are beautiful women dressed as Gothic nightmares, a dead goat surrounded by flowers, and multiple shots of people standing around dilapidated properties. The one thing you don’t see, however, is Slipknot. You can view the video below:

I’m still falling in love with this song, but the video above did absolutely nothing for me. I want to see the latest Slipknot masks, not some artistic footage of creepy situations set to music created by Slipknot. Remember the video for “Duality”?

Yeah, I want more of that.

Slipknot have yet to reveal a release date for their still untitled new album, but rest assured we’ll bring you updates regarding their future plans as soon as new information becomes available. For now, comment below and let us know your thoughts on the video.

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One Response to “Slipknot Release “The Negative One” Music Video”

  1. Derek - UTG Review says:

    A Slipknot video…with no Slipknot…. =[