LISTEN: Justin Vernon Teases New Project With S. Carey, Astronautalis

Justin Vernon has both a new song AND a new band! The day that phrase stops being exciting will be a sad one, but that’s a long way down the road. The multi-genre, endlessly talented Vernon keeps pounding out the tunes with his many bands (Bon Iver, Volcano Choir, Gayngs, the Shouting Matches, I could go on) and our open ears will gratefully listen.

His newest venture, called Jason Feathers, is a trio with his on-again, off-again collaborator S. Carey and rapper Astronautalis. Word has been buzzing around the project since April 2012 when Jason Feathers were in the studio experimenting, but now there’s proof an album is on the horizon.

To announce the official inception of Jason Feathers, a 60-second teaser of their song “De Oro” was released today. So far, it seems like Vernon may be ditching the signature falsetto for this gig (and keeping the ambient synth), but the teaser is more intro than anything else. Astronautalis has described the project as “an impressionistic, free-form thing,” which is probably why the teaser sounds like the opening to an old sci-fi movie. Or is that just me?

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One Response to “LISTEN: Justin Vernon Teases New Project With S. Carey, Astronautalis”

  1. K. Bennett says:

    All I needed to see is that Astronautalis is involved and I am sold. Amazing artist. One of the best live performers I have ever seen. Still tell people about when he basically cussed out the music venue here, unplugged his equipment, plugged it back in to one stage monitor he spun around & performed a while show like that while screaming all his lyrics. So rad. It also helps that he is the nicest dude ever.