What You Didn’t Know: LUMBERJVCK

Starting this month, staff writer Michael Giegerich will begin bringing readers a brand new feature to feast on. Focusing on lesser known aspects of artists, What You Didn’t Know looks to help people gain a better understanding of their favorite musicians from all levels of the music scene.

Today’s inaugural edition of the column features LUMBERJVCK, a genre-smashing producer hailing from Los Angeles, California. With plans to release the Jvckwood EP on August 25 via Rottun Records, he took some time away from crafting monster tunes and spinning on the decks to tell us five facts his average fan likely doesn’t know, so read on to hear from Lumberjvck himself as he lays them out one by one.

1. I was born with a jaw problem that required me to get a facial reconstruction surgery. The surgery happened my senior year of high school and changed my appearance drastically.

2. My mother is adopted. She has never met her birth parents and I don’t know the side of my family that has her blood.

3. I used to play World of Warcraft every second of the day, but now I just produce every second of the day.

4. I have a Chipotle addiction.

5. I snapchat every day for the fans and I always put something crazy or funny in my story. It’s kind of like my own TV show.

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Mike Giegerich
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One Response to “What You Didn’t Know: LUMBERJVCK”

  1. Evan Zakman says:

    i knew the snapchat thing bc he added me on snapchat, dont know how he found me though. It has definitely made me like him more as a producer, it’s like he’s a friend to me, and i never would have gotten into his music if it weren’t for that.