‘Outcast’ Trailer: Nicolas Cage Saves Children With A Sword In Ancient China

Nicolas Cage has spent the last several years trying to repay debt owed to the federal government from years of unpaid taxes. As a result, he has also spent the past several years taking on a number of questionable roles in movies that have production value akin to a college thesis project. Some films have turned out great, but most have been bad. Outcast, sadly, looks to be the latter.

It’s the age of the crusades in ancient China, and Nicolas Cage is a long-haired warrior taking a stand against the evil in the world. When a new threat challenges the rightful heir to the Chinese throne, Cage must join forces with another rebel (played by Hayden Christensen). Battles and bloodshed ensue, as well as a handful of over-the-top moments from Cage. The trailer offers a taste of everything, including an immensely entertaining sequence where Cage cackles before shouting “I AM THE WHITE GHOST!” Check it out, below:

Nick Powell directed Outcast from a script by James Dormer. The film currently has a February 27, 2015 release date. That may change between now and then, but rest assured if it does we will give you an update. In the meantime, Cage’s turn in the reboot of Left Behind hits theaters in October.

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