UTG TRACK-BY-TRACK: Dog Fashion Disco – ‘Sweet Nothings’

One of the most eclectic and missed bands of independent music came roaring out of the shadows this year to bring fans a blazing, brand new record. Dog Fashion Disco returned last month with the new album, Sweet Nothings, that boasts 8 years of pent-up energy from the band’s previous hiatus into a massacre of magnificent music.

Today we are bringing you an exclusive track-by-track of the new record, where frontman Todd Smith discusses his method of madness behind each of the album’s 13 offerings. He describes the track “Doctor’s Orders” as “my contempt for the American stereotypical cycle of life,” and “We Aren’t The World” with insight: “a little less greed, narcissism and self-centered thinking could go a long way.”

Are you as excited for the return of this band as we are? Follow the jump to read the entire track-by-track and leave your thoughts in the comments below.

“Greta” — The album opener. [It has] a creepy and smoky, jazz night club feel, set in the 1930s. The lyrics are about a young man’s fascination and overwhelming desire for an older and seemingly untouchable woman way out of his league.

“War Party” — This song echoes my feelings that most wars waged by the United States since and not including WWII were started for profit and not to fight for freedom and spread democracy.

“Scarlet Fever” — This song is about a cannibal cult family with whom the parents and elders hunt their children for sport.

“Tastes So Sweet” — This song is about a dysfunctional bi-polar relationship. One minute, pure hatred for each other, the next minute, make-up sex, adoration and worship.

“Doctor’s Orders” — My contempt for the American stereotypical cycle of life. Go to school, get good grades, go to college, go into debt with student loans, try to get a job out of college to pay off debt, try and find a life partner, poop out kids who are annoying, drive minivan, go to Chuck E. Cheese a lot, try to keep food on the table working overtime at life-draining job, grow old and regretful, then die!

“Envy The Vultures” — This song is about a large section of the American population that should not be allowed to procreate.

“Approach and Recede” — This song is about an uncontrollable appetite for lust, sex, skin, saliva, perversion and deviancy.

“Down The Rabbit Hole” — This is about being young and invincible and really high on drugs.

“We Aren’t the World” — We live in a “me, me, I’m the center of the universe” culture and it’s dividing the world. A little less greed, narcissism and self centered thinking could go a long way.

“Struck By Lightning” — This is about being in love with life and a beautiful woman, laying on a beach on a tropical island. Oh, and you’re drunk.

“Sweet Nothings” — A sleazy tune about special sexy time with yo lady!

“Pale Horse” — War and death, commander to peasant. Everyone has their place.

“End of the Road” — This is an ode to the greatest comedian, poet and an enlightened prophet: Bill Hicks.

Check out Dog Fashion Disco’s upcoming tour dates:

9-05-14 in London, UK at The Barfly (SOLD OUT)
9-06-14 in London, UK at The Barfly (SOLD OUT)
9-07-14 in London, UK at The Barfly (added due to popular demand)
9-12-14 in New York, NY at Slake
9-13-14 in Providence, RI at Simon’s s677
9-14-14 in Bucksport, ME at The Kave
9-16-14 in Greensboro, NC at Green St Club
9-17-14 in Fayetteville, NC at The Drunk Horse Pub
9-18-14 in Atlanta, GA at The Masquerade
9-19-14 in Pensacola, FL at Handle Bar
9-20-14 in Orlando, FL at Backbooth

Buy Sweet Nothings here today.

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