Rest In Peace: G.R.L. Member Simone Battle (1989-2014)

This is a rough way to start the day.

G.R.L. member and one-time X Factor contestant Simone Battle has passed away. She was 25.

News of Battle’s death began to spread across the internet early Saturday morning. Her passing was first confirmed by longtime producer Derek Butler over Instagram, then later by her label and management. Details of her death have not been revealed at this time, so it is unclear whether or not foul play is suspected, but a spokesperson for G.R.L. has released a statement on behalf of the group. It reads:

“We are deeply saddened by the tragic news of the loss of Simone Battle of G.R.L. Simone was an exceptional young talent and human being, and we are all devastated to learn of her passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and loved ones at this time.”

Battle’s father, Anthony E Battle, also confirmed the news to MailOnline. He told the publication that his daughter was found dead around 8am on Friday morning (September 5) and that the death is still under investigation. “She will be greatly missed and loved,” he said. “She was an exuberant person and a very loved person.”

Simone originally won her way into the hearts of music fans worldwide with an appearance on The X-Factor in 2011. Shortly after her run on the show ended, Battle joined forces with the other members of G.R.L. and began working towards total pop music domination. We featured the group a few times over the last year, and will likely continue to cover them in the months to come. You can view one of G.R.L.’s videos at the end of this post.

Rest in peace, Simone. You are already missed.

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