One Direction Announce New Album, Stream Lead Single “Fireproof”

One Direction have spent the majority of the year touring the globe in support of their fall 2013 album, Midnight Memories, but somewhere along the way the group found time to record again because they have another album due out before the end of 2014.

Revealed to fans on Monday, Four will be the fourth studio album from One Direction in four years. The record will not hit stores until an unspecified date in November, but the group decided to give fans an early taste of the record by sharing a new song titled “Fireproof” that you can now stream at the end of this post. The track was also made available for free download, but unfortunately that promotion ended before we were able to post this story. According to Billboard, over 1 million fans downloaded the song in 24 hours.

So what does the latest offering from 1D sound like? To be honest, “Fireproof” is far more laid back than fans may be expecting. Midnight Memories was a record packed with tracks that were clearly crafted for stadium sized audiences, but something about this song feels much more intimate. It also lacks that inherent sense of fun that makes radio pop so good. That’s all coming from someone nearing thirty, of course, so your kid sister may disagree.

Listen to “Fireproof” below and leave a comment letting us know your thoughts on the track. We’ll bring you more on One Direction’s plans for the future as additional details regarding Four are made available. Stay tuned.

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One Response to “One Direction Announce New Album, Stream Lead Single “Fireproof””

  1. lisa says:

    The album will be out on November 17th. As someone nearing 30 myself, I actually like the kinda laid-back Fleetwood Mac vibes. Wasn’t expecting that from them.