Take a Look at the New Batmobile Set to Debut in ‘Batman v. Superman’

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice feels like it’s light years away from landing into theaters, but thanks to a generous Instagram user by the name of Amacro13 who’s given us a glimpse at one of the most iconic vehicles in comic book history, waiting for the film’s March 25, 2016 release date feels all the more tolerable.

We think this modernized edition of the Batmobile looks pretty damn sharp, both literally and figuratively. I’m personally feeling this one more than some of the most recent renditions of it, but like all of the other news to come from this production, fans and critics are divided as to where they stand on this.

You can see these pictures for yourself following the jump. Be sure to keep up with UTG on Facebook and Twitter for more entertainment news.

Batmobile 1

Batmobile 2

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