REVIEW: MINT – ‘Murder’ EP

Mint murder ep

Artist: MINT
Album: Murder EP
Genre: Progressive Rock

MINT, Des Moines, Iowa’s finest progressive rock band, have released a overtly catchy and experimental record with their new Murder EP.

Providing a snapshot into where the band is headed, the three-song release contains three aurally diverse, yet still unmistakably MINT tracks. It’s like dipping your hand into the cookie jar and knowing you’re going to get a cookie, but coming out with three different, yet equally delicious treats. That’s how the band’s new record plays out upon first listen.

The record opens with the hip-shaking single, “Murder,” a sexual number with an aggressive rock ‘n’ roll progression throughout. “You can’t win a fight if there ain’t nothin’ to win,” singer Bradford Johnson bellows at the end of the track — a line that comes after four minutes of soft and swaying music fills your ears before the vocal and musical explosion that comes with the line.

The direction of the record changes with the second and most prolific number, “Heart Feels Heavy.” This song shows both the ultimate musical and lyrical potential of the three-piece band. The number has an awe-inspiring depth to it — going from aurally dark to light, mysterious to transparent. The chorus reflects modern pop rock greats the likes of fun., or Dr. Dog — except it’s musically more sound. There’s more going on in the track (just hear the perfect placement of the scale in the chorus) than a simple melody. It’s a number that digs deep, the type of track that you hear something new in with each spin. The band self-described as “Rock ‘n’ roll soul from the beating heart of the USA,” lives up to this moniker with “Heart Feels Heavy.”

The record then sends you into the premature closer (What can I say? Three songs just isn’t enough from this act). It’s an electronic-driven rock number worthy of potential dance remixes in the near future. The augmented instrumentation is diverse and…groovy? It makes your head bob. It has funk and heart. And at six minutes, it doesn’t lose your attention for a second. A strong ending to a cool sample of songs.

With the Murder EP, MINT shows there is a lot to come from a band not afraid to step out of the constructive musical box. For three songs, there’s immense depth, and listeners should be excited for what’s next in store from such a promising act.

SCORE: 9/10
Written by Matthew Leimkuehler (@callinghomematt)

Purchase ‘Murder’ today.

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