Dreams Do Come True – Sky Ferreira And Charli XCX Wrote A Song Together

It’s a great time for pop music, and two young purveyors of the fine art who’ve finally found some good fortune are uniting to create more.

Sky Ferreira, after several delays and disputes with the record label, finally released her fantastic debut album Night Time, My Time last year. Charli XCX faced a similar road, finally seeing her debut album True Romance released last year and netting a hit song in which she didn’t play second fiddle with “Boom Clap.” Now, the two have written a song together.

t.A.T.u., for the unitiated, was (is?) a fun, on-and-off Russian pop duo. Sky clearly is a fan, and this union, as heretical as it may be to say, could very easily top that duo. There aren’t many bigger names in the kinda-alt-but-not-really pop realm, save for perhaps the unimpeachable Lorde.

It’s also an interesting fusion – Charli has taken aim at a younger demo with the punchy and carefree “Boom Clap” and “Break the Rules,” while Ferreira and her songs are hanging out in clubs with less light and more black eyeliner and leather.

That’s all the information we have for now, though. Charli XCX will be releasing her sophomore album Sucker on October 5, and Sky Ferreira is at work on the follow-up to Night Time, My Time. Stay tuned.

Tyler Hanan
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