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I’m a little late to the game with this week’s Stand-Up Tuesdays, as I highlight one of Rooftop Comedy‘s recent releases, Laughmatic, from comedian Maronzio Vance. Taped at the Punchline in San Francisco, Laughmatic is Vance’s debut release, though one listen proves just how seasoned he really is (I mean, the guy started doing stand-up when he was fifteen).

Vance has an intimate and relaxed stage presence, which, along with his laid back delivery, gives one the impression of a one-on-one conversation. Until Vance dabbles in some crowd work in the second half of his set, it’s easy to feel that you’re alone with him as he spins stories with brutal honesty and hilarity.

A cast member of FOX’s Enlisted, Vance begins his CD in an unusual way by including a green room mini-interview as the first track. I wasn’t sure how well this would work at first, but it successfully serves its purpose to acquaint the listener with Vance. One becomes eager to hear what Vance has to say on stage.

Laughmatic is a brilliant hour of comedy, plain and simple. Vance’s take on various aspects of society (such as entertaining homeless people, hubris, and really terrible dates) is spot-on and brutally honest, and never apologetic. Despite his laid back presence, his wit is razor sharp and constantly firing – the pace of which immediately demands one’s attention and holds it throughout Vance’s performance.

Vance was selected to be a part of the In Living Color reboot, has featured on The Tonight Show, Wanda Sykes’ Wanda Does It, Comedy Central’s Half Hour and NBC’s Last Comic Standing. He’s also appeared in national spots for Miller Lite and is a national headliner, working in club dates between taping for television and commercial work. There’s essentially no stopping Maronzio Vance. And thank god for that.

Definitely one of the comedy highlights of my year thus far, Maronzio Vance’s Laughmatic more than lives up to its title and should be in heavy rotation on your music-playing device of choice. Check it out today at iTunes and get ready to laugh so hard you’ll embarrass yourself in public.

Grade: A+

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  1. StumbleInTheJungle says:

    One of my favourite comedians.