SURPRISE: Mime Game Drop New EP With Song Featuring Chris Conley

mime game burn ep

Newly re-defined duo Mime Game dropped a seductive new three-song EP yesterday to fans’ pleasant surprise. The record, which shows the band in a never-before-heard electronic driven direction, features Saves The Day frontman Chris Conley on the opening and title track, “Burn.” The Burn EP is a shocking, yet stimulating juxtaposition from the band best known for creating illustrious and definitive guitar-driven alternative rock numbers.

Sometimes shaking up a sound really is for the better — the songs still have the addictive quality singer Dillon DeVoe, who also formerly fronted Josephine Collective, is known to produce. The EP comes off as a record that still holds the musical quality of Mime Game, just with different, more experimental instrumentations. It’s lo-fi, feel-good electronic music without trying too hard. For fans new and old, sit back and see where the Burn EP will take DeVoe and and his musical partner Joe Brunk.

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