Poster And Trailer For ‘Saw’ 10th Anniversary Re-Release Revealed

There are very few horror films that have left me with the kind of open-jawed reaction that lingers in the back of your mind for years on end, but the original Saw definitely makes the cut. The entire film is solid, not to mention the unforgettable finale, and this October Universal is bringing all the terror of the movie back to the big screen for a limited time.

Saw turns 10 this year, and as several years have passed since Saw: The Final Chapter hit theaters the studio that helped reignite the public’s interest in torture-related horror is re-releasing James Wan’s masterpiece to select theaters beginning Thursday, October 30. Today, Universal Pictures revealed a poster and trailer for the limited engagement, which you can view at the end of this post.

This is as good a time as any to remind you that UTG’s long-running 31 Days Of Halloween feature will return for its third installment later this week. We have a slew of great horror films lined up for discussion, and though no Saw entries made the list we have arranged to highlight the $874 million dollar grossing franchise before the end of October. Stay tuned!


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One Response to “Poster And Trailer For ‘Saw’ 10th Anniversary Re-Release Revealed”

  1. Brian Lion says:

    I loved Saw until Elwes’ acting at the end; then I couldn’t stop laughing at how terrible and cheesy it was. It’s sooooo bad.