Weezer Release “Back To The Shack” Music Video

Weezer 2014

Following a week that saw two new tracks from their upcoming album surface online, Weezer have returned to our front page with their official video for “Back To The Shack.”

Directed by Warren Fu (HAIM, Daft Punk), the video for “Back To The Shack” finds Weezer performing their latest hit on the surface of the moon. As the clip plays out, Fu incorporates a number of cool effects, including Zero-G guitar work and more slow motion than the latest Zach Snyder film. It’s all fun and works to further the world’s love for Weezer, but the song is what ultimately steals the show. You can view the clip below:

Noisey brought this amazing video to us, so we owe them a big thank you for bringing it to our attention.

If I had to guess I would wager that at least one additional song from Weezer’s upcoming album will surface before the end of the week. If and/or when that happens, we’ll post the song right here on the site for everyone to enjoy. Follow UTG on Twitter for updates.

Weezer will release their latest album, Everything Will Be Alright In The End, on October 7.

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